NorPac Sheet Metal

Planned Maintenance

Norpac’s certified service technicians are trained in all brands of heating and cooling equipment. Protect your initial investment and sign-up for one of our planned maintenance programs. We ensure our customers have their systems running energy efficient and maximize the life of their equipment. We teach, we diagnose, we tune, we replace and we guarantee.

Phone: 406-672-0910

Extend the life & reliability of your equipment

when you choose a membership

you choose to save

  • Filters for your heating system are provided and replaced during your planned membership service
  • Minor repairs* are included at no additional cost. *not requiring parts
  • When you choose a membership, we plan around your schedule. We understand your time is valuable
  • Discounts on all repairs of 10%
  • Discounts on all equipment and upgrades/improvements of 15%
  • Norpac stands behind our workmanship—One (1) year parts & labor warranty is